Then I finally started the nursing program in the fall of 2013 where I've taken: Medical surgical classes and clinicals, mother/baby, mental health and many more. Only have Pediatrics to go! 

Taking classes for 4 years before I entered the nursing program. Classes like: Pathophysiology, Anatomy and Physiology, statistics, Organic and Bio Chemistry, Microbiology, Human Biology, Medical terminology, and many many more!

Then I'll be an RN!! I plan on continuing my education till I'm an NP! (Nurse practitioner, masters degree) The Journey has not been easy but will be worth it in the end. 

Hello to all of those who know me and WebChatting! Got an idea for this site or want to host a chat server? Contact me! I'm very busy with Nursing school (one more semester!!) so if you can help out and bring back WebChatting, I'd appreciate it! :-)